Jinesis & TMB - Otisis the EP: A​-​Side

by Jinesis

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The long awaited anticipation of Otisis the EP "A-Side" is over. It's here finally! Usually the A-Side of vinyl and cassette tapes contained all the songs of the EP or Maxi Single and the B-Side would contain the instrumentals. Well, Jinesis & TMB brought you The Otisis Instrumental project last year. Presupposing that project was the "B-Side", this time they bring you 8 tracks of Otis Redding Sampled beats by Jinesis with some of hip-hops best indie emcees along for the ride as the "A-side". No tape deck needed, just download, press play and nod ya head.


released April 16, 2013



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Track Name: She Bout That ft. Quesfire
Met her holding a bag of money,
all i saw was a bunch of ones
i said a long night she replied
it aint that fun
I said my name is ques smiled she said maliah hun
Drake had a chic name that she whispered I'm the one
Convo was dop didnt sound like we where trying
bunch of jokes later we connected more than Verizon
Exchange math now I'm sitting in sin city watching her dance she moving like damn she getting busy
This is more more than what it is something about this chic, nothing to do with the size of her hips, cryb ill take her to the cryb tron shots it is but she about she about the bills kid


I know use the bills and all them ballers that fast but momma just chill i tell you it's ok
Or you can kick off them heels a little time we could kill sit and talk whats real I tell we don't play
Don't even take it off  take take take take it off yet 
Don't even take it off  take take take take it off yet 
Don't even take it off  take take take take it off yet 
Don't even take it off  take take take take it off 

She decided there's something she'd wanna talk about, come thru she na ill meet you at ya house
Took out the henney and the tron that her favorite drinks my cryb was her escape from that world she that show biz
She arrive and said she decided to stay away that life she live was too fast a lot hearts get played
Besides her feels started building and that plan wasn't her way
She said understand what you see is t always right my minds been already poisoned too far from what's right
And I'm a sometimes pop up at the curb bit for now see I'm all about all about the bills kid


I know use the bills and all them ballers that fast but momma just chill i tell you it's ok
Or you can kick off them heels a little time we could kill sit and talk whats real I tell we don't play
Don't even take it off take take take take it off yet
Don't even take it off take take take take it off yet
Don't even take it off take take take take it off yet
Don't even take it off take take take take it off yet
Track Name: The Rockwellington ft. Moses Rockwell
The Rockwellington

Verse 1

Oh, Oh yes indeed
Still a pip-squeak tryna' wet my beak
You'd of caught wreck before I hit 5ft
So don't check me
Let me toot my piece
Give me a sec let me tie my sneaks
I've gone far and to such high reach
to raise a bar that was set by me, huh?
Here's a thought
Let me say my peace
Before I start, get from under my cleats
Cool breeze, I'ma son of a beach
and a master emcee
I'm Jamel Arief, thats the bread I breed
I suppose I could expose ya'll
to an exposé of my expertise
Get geeked when I roll that leaf
huddle up and kill a beat like Moe Ali
Gettin ya'll to show teeth is my specialty
and even overseas I'ma rep my street
Im on it

Good looking girls out there, all of them

And if I don't call it off I'm undun
Airing out the cloth I'm cut from
My stature got me caught up in a conundrum
of sucka-ass dots and dum-dums
I'm perturbed
Lately i'm a little glazed out, not blurred
kind of shaken up but not stirred
in fact, if you're going through it too
than maybe you would concur
Just tryna not let it on my nerves
wordsmith upon birth
nothing like the illest on earth
but something like the little shit know his own worth
and done his homework
be aware, be alert
remember that you heard it here first

Good looking girls out there, all of them
Track Name: Critics ft. Fresh Daily
It aint fair
some folks win who don't deserve the share
of the prize
and if you stare in their eyes
you know they know it too
but that's life innit?
what a nice gimmick
everyones a critic but can't mimic a minute of talent
oh, I should've done it different?
how so?
I killed it from intro to outro
plus edit and re-edit to ensure it comes out dope
so how you feel about it w/out flow? u don't feel it?
sit down, bro.

have you ever hung w/ the kid?
No? when you done what I did, you can let your tongue & ya lips
open & critique
then and only then is when I'm hopin' you speak
if not keep ya trap closed, like a mouse in it
bout how different you'da done it if you had the chance
like, if you had the chance, you'd advance cuz you made plans
you'd be famous & a cool mill woulda changed hands
I'm too bow legged for the same dance
I'm king of my destiny, the best is me, hands down
the last person I need correcting me is some damn clown

on the mic, they couldn't recite my catalog
even if you was a bike, you couldn't handle bars
bars couldn't hold a candle to ours
spit sicker than sars, sorry I can't kick what you're on
too busy givin my all, to give a shit
but here's my ass, you can give a kiss
here's my balls you can give a lick
I'm where I belong, disagree? give a lift
I'm not above reproach, but I don't need a coach
and I don't need a couch, & I don't need ya votes
all I need is enough rope for doubters to yoke theyselves with it
in the hopes I just broke another critic
Track Name: Tell'Em ft. Cavalier & Quelle Chris
But I tell em one thang
But i tell em one thang
My God

I tell em
One thing you can tell from the start
That the lil nigga got heart, rock hard
Gotta pull an Ausar, rise from this dirt where we're poplars
Strange fruits and the cop cars
Men cuttin cane but the cane cut to the rock got the block scarred
So I dream big, but things seem like har-har
Shit hard, need a gig, need a new SIM card
I wince when I see my time card
Yet I grin when I see time off
Like a no win
Can't let bygones be bygones
If i forgone my part of the rent, gotta keep an idea light on
My God. Cant lament, or repent
My desires are what they are so I accept
It's just how it's meant

But I tell em one thang
But I tell em one thang
My god
But I tell em one thang
My God
But I tell em one thang

Got people lying up in prison
Got people flyin up in heaven
So turn the speakers up, light the reefer up
I aint rhymin here for the attention
Seen the cold world make a grown man cry
Trynna blow before my old earth go blind
Dead real, son gon rise
Gold mines, whole fields, bovines
Loan skills, Imma own mine
Thats a whole other tier
Like a chair to a throne,
or my flow, you can't hold mine
Cause its always go time when you feel
Everyone of life's chills in your bones
This ghost town got me zoning I...

But I tell em one thang
My god
But I tell em one thang
My God
But I tell em one thang

Matador the bad
Avatar the good
Never really there
Wish I really was
Just another day
But my God, thankful that I made it
Just another game
But my God, thankful that I played it

But I tell em one thang
My god
But I tell em one thang
But I tell em one thang
My God
But I tell em one thang
Track Name: Joe Piscopo ft. P.SO The Earth Tone King & 8thw1
This is practice
Shiraz out the Chalice
Recline on fine fabric
With dimes back in the palace my
mind's on my madness my
Hand's are getting callused
From overturning the balance and changing the apparatus
Ya'll are Actors
Black face, Minstrel show
Ya'll ain't even gangsta, Gaza Strip where the Missiles blow
She in a sinful pose, saying oh I miss you so
Christmas gift, we don't even need a Missletoe
Saturday night live,
Joe Piscopo
Grab the vintage wine out the cellar
Success is a scent, a fragrance I find familiar
No fairy tale, crush glass slipper of Cinderella
they wonder why there's no reflection within the mirror
a vampire, women sent Van Helsing to kill'em you
a damn lie, hater, a bigot pessimist villain I'm
available, prepared, and ready, able and willing
to make a killing
I'm staring at the ceiling
the weed is wearing off but the shrooms are kicking in
we just might amaze ya
I'm hot as a light saber and now im a friendly neighbor with aliens visiting
you can't contend with the black Dennis the Menace
in fact, a Wizard apprentice
and Jinesis is a chemist
you crooked tooth niggas
need to go see a dentist
the rhythm is stupendous
I'm finished

Sounds like a South Bronx horror flick
Appropriate for those banking that I’d call it quits
Hello haters, it’s your favorite narcissist
Bringing pain to this joint as if it was arth-ritis
Or arthritis why does it matter
I’m 10 times as dope but half dapper
Hey, Jinesis, P sent me this
I thought it was alright to be honest
But now it sounds amazing cuz I’m on it
Some may disagree, you can love him or hate it
Doesn’t really matter as long as I’m in conversation
‘Cause people put their two cents in
With an opinion but don’t buy shit they just listen
See them at the show and trying to get the free admission
I know so and so he’s the promoter can you get him
I understand everybody has a taste that’s different
But 8thW1’s shit is like fried chicken
How could you not...
Indulge giving hip-hop pulse
Bring excitement like when nymphos see a huge bulge
And with that, I don’t really got nothing to say
Doesn’t matter ya’ll ain’t fuckin’ with it anyway
Track Name: I'm On It ft. Top $ Raz, Dremur & Suede Jury
I been on that you bit off that weak mothafuckas put it in on CAPS.
I shit on tracks you sit on laps I put it down to the max nigga we do lapse.
Until the end her face she called rape top dolla raz ducking the case
We dont* lapse bitch she still want that old dick.
Tell her I'm getting married .
Realist mothafucka til the day I'm getting buried.
Don't compare me to them fuckas who be Eat a rapper*
of time this is miller time w/ a beer a rapper like its dinner time winter rhymes.
Cold shit y'all still on that old shit u be on Facebook Trynna fuck my old looking scary.
I flip the bird then I ball like Larry.
The bigger the plate the higher the stakes.
This is big pimpin like TD JAKES.
Life's a birch I'm fuckin

I'm on it!
Look open ya eyes bitch//
I'm everything u criticize//
Is Muslim is catholic//
Don't look em all in his//
If I was you I'd be scared I wouldn't lie//
This is chocolate thunder drop//
parasailing vanilla skies//
I mean//
If everybody's wanting to rap//
I should double back to the trap//
napsack full of snacks//
Double ducking the coppers choppers//
Cuz them coppers will pop ya for being black//
U laughing my nigga these are facts//
I guess//
The weed will lackadazy the stress//
That brown bottle will put a mink over my chest//
I digress//
I'm feeling nas in prime//
Undermind own kind//
Yet stay with prettiest dimes//
Should I stop//
Nah fuck it//
I'm caught in zone//
Damn love throw me a bone//
Let's head over to my house and do something so grown//
We can smoke we can drink i hope my parents ain't home//
I mean//
Ain't this the city of lights//
Where Everybodies ADHD//
Can't tell the wrong from the right//
You talking all these theories//
That's that shit I don't like//
All I need to know my love are we fucking tonight//
I'm kidding//
Sometimes you gotta laugh for the soul//
Angry niggas out here looking raspy and old//
I told Jin I would make this pop and go for the gold//
nigga go play with a mpc and leave me alone//
I'm On It//

Jin, should I hit em or not? Let me not...EHHH F*CK IT, I GOT WARRANTS
move as if
Cochran was rockin in my corner. Pugilist:
calm but once the cadence drop on em, theyre like "Yo wtf is Ray Lewis doin in Pop Warner?!"
I'm with a lady profilin, holdin' the top tournament belt.
Put a notch on it, mademoiselle.
Recording angry as hell.
Really, it's not you it's me, I'm mostly mad at myself.
But check it out, I got
fly chicks singin my hooks.
She serenade me in the shower, sound like Patti LaBelle.
My bad, don't mean to shatter your will.
I put my team on the map & all I need is my pen, my pad, and my L-
Y-R-I-C-S. Yes: my slick syllables cast spells
If we're A-alikes let's build.
If you're the hater type, just chill.
Keep it funky like George.
I'm on.
Track Name: Procession of the Equinoxes ft. Homeboy Sandman, Charmingly Ghetto & I Am Many
pictures of me up in saloons that offer rewards/
'cause of Facebook I could type mad good without looking at the keyboard/
everyone could do that now, it used to be just secretaries/ people be like "not necessarily"/ yeah I know it's not necessary but it's still true/ my balls all on your nose like a seal do/ I'm talking to that anonymous person all the rappers diss, like a crazy person on the train when no ones even there/ they're not tough, they're just a lunatic so no ones really scared/ no one really cares/ everyone ignore em 'cept the tourists then they write about em on the travel forums, how they got some real culture as they burrowed through the tunnels like the caddy shack gopher/ come closer/ lemme put you on to something, lemme put you on sun

Maybe sandman could put me on that, word
CG, practicing patience done put me on the map,
Lyrical malpractice, hypochondriac
You don't really sound sick, hold up
Where they found this, shit I'm on ya shoes
budge me and I'm bound to smell, bound to hell
Walkin swiftly as the soul burns, its yo turn
To lift ya brother, where ya arms at, we talkin bout zapatos, if da vinci wrote the code
Then we should a check cut, I'm sure a brother was next up, cool let me scoop the light
Share with the crew insite, who ignite
Fire marshal bill on the check in
Wreckin catch rec then, this is heaven
Bout to catch some zzzs, shoot a reckless 3
That's for GP, yo burn that on a cd

Holy crap there goes Kat, she acting like wacko that just smoked crack I said you can't sell the 12 pack battery pack with no frickin batteries inside the pack what kinda shit is that? Welcome to the terradome hippy on the megaphone kicking that conspiracy theory shit while your headed home you wanna get to bed and bone, don't wanna be in bed alone, you send a message requesting sex to her phone, but she don't wanna get it on you left with your Palms, jada pinky kapri some armature blonde, shit is week they show the same shit every week forget getting off your better off hitting the sheets you turn on The tv To start counting sheep, in 60 seconds you counted sixty, sleep